The Gene Signature DataBase is a searchable database of fully traceable, standardized, annotated gene signatures which have been manually curated from publications that are indexed in PubMed. Enter a search term above to get started.


September, 2011: GeneSigDB Data and Website Update

We continue to expand. So far we have read and processed almost 3,000 publications to extract 3,515 genes signatures from 1,604 publications. See GeneSigDB Release 4 release notes

We have a new tag cloud Browse feature to enable easy browsing of GeneSigDB.

Additional download formats. Download GeneSigDB as an R/Bioconductor data file, gmt or compressed flat file formats.

GeneSigDB Data Release 4

Gene Signatures: 3515
Published Articles: 1604
Genes (Human): 20,523
Tissues and Diseases: More than 50
Species: 3